jogbevy Alkebulan son of black hunter

Meet The Man -The Music -The Style.
He is Lyrically Empowered

Jogbevy AKA Son of The Black Hunter ALKEBULAN  is a pioneer of Reviving the golden era of hip-hop music and culture, making great music is passion he enjoy sharing with the world music for him is a tool to checkmate the negative energy going round our word today through his music Jogbevy has the ability to create a beautiful, vivid mood with atmospheric melodies drifting along on a throbbing beat effortlessly 

Jogbevy Music Concept

As a musician with a deep African ancestral spiritual music background he (Jogbevy) sees music beyond entertainment, for him music is empowerment ,music is communication, music is spirituality, music is connection, music is a creed .

Inspired by hiphop icons and legends stretching from hiphop fashion hip-hop sound ,Beats , clothing , graphics and much more. Jogbevy envisions to awaken the power within this great industry presenting high quality contents making the consumer the king and queens they should always be .  

What Jogbevy Does

Jogbevy will help you experience the true wholesome value of music ,fashion , motivation in a uniquely entertaining performance

music record director

we can help you build a outstanding studio record track list that will surely put you in the spotlight of your audience and beyond , with high performing recording music equipment your music carrier is set

music performer

jogbevy has the lyrics and big beats to spring any moment to live with a list of powerful lyrics that will cheer any crowd of all race and age . jogbevy knows how to connect with crowd on stage and most importantly he is equip with stage performing skills to keep the crowd active and excited all through


as a music enthusiast it is a honor to present a carefully crafted work of music that will entertain and motivate all that listened to it . the powerful Album of seven astonishing tracks ...THE EYES WHO SAW DREAMS

Jogbevy fashion

Hip Hop will be incomplete without the introduction a fashion line related directly to the lyrics and artist ,jogbevy brings you some quality fashion wears that connect and embed you with the hiphop world

what makes Jogbevy stands out


jogbevy is song writer singer and a rapper who is constantly writing original lyrics and producing music that relate directly to the Audience effortlessly

quality Contents

the time and effort put in place to bring you quality content is priceless but the understanding of the true purpose of music is the major drive that makes him want to give more and more quality content to the audiene


jogbevy make it a hubby to spend time with people of all class and race in order to pinpoint the demands of the audience so as to constantly bring them astonishing entertaining and motivating music that connect with them directly

Humble and social

Jogbevy is a social friendly and humble artist who is open to all and accessible to all

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you will enjoy it you groove and vibes on the lyrics