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About Jogbevy club

The Jogbevy membership club is an organization that seeks to promote young R&B, hip-hop, and other forms of music artists to thrive independently in the music industry. we build this membership club to bring people of like minds to share ideas and resources, the membership comes with a variety of benefits for its members, members will be entitled to jogbevy live performances, a massive discount when you shop for clothing and music on jogbevy online store and members can even win a free vacation trip to jogbevy ancestral motherland in west Africa. many more benefits will be unveiled as we proceed.

the Goals of Jogbevy Club

Helping young aspiring artists thrive in the music industry , ensuring members benefits from jogbevy music and

Jogbevy Membership Club Commitment to Members

to ensure that members benefit from their subscribed membership package, jogbevy club will offer a variety of membership levels for different needs and budgets we will develop new ways to show benefits to members, and we will also help members explore and understand their benefits via our social media channels, blog, and newsletter, we also want our members to see this membership program as a philanthropic effort to reach out, contribute to aspiring young music artist across the globe empowering them with the opportunity to add value to their music career or add to their organic talent

Jogbevy Project

Hot New Album - The Eyes WhSaw Dreams

the eyes who saw dream is jogbevy's first official music Album packed with powerful seven tracks . its entertaining , informative and exciting

The eyes who saw dreams book launch

the eyes who saw dreams book is inspired by the music Album. the book is Authored by jogbevy himself. the book is filled with provocative educative, and entertaining content

Jogbevy Clothings

fashion and music are inseparable important factors that contribute immensely to the entertainment industry. jogbevy clothing are high-quality materials made from cotton and polyester decorated and branded with jogbevy's musical arts and styles

Jogbevy club Give Back

how we contribute to the society


In this day and age, it is becoming more difficult for young artists to get their names out there with the flood of content and the saturation of social media platforms. jogbevy club provides the young artist the opportunity to have a space that caters to their need on their quest to thrive in the music industry. this is one opportunity that should not be missed A network of young artists can help each other grow together. This network will help to eliminate any sense of competition between them as they will understand and know each othe

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