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Welcome to jogbevy.com, a platform dedicated to celebrating and embracing African (ALKEBULAN) roots while empowering the future through the fusion of music and fashion. Explore our curated collection that not only honors heritage but also adds significant value to your cultural experience. Join us on a journey of rich traditions, innovative beats, and stylish expressions that resonate with the soul.

The Alkebulan Awakening Story



Jogbevy is on a mission to raise awareness among Africans, encouraging self-recognition as Alkebulan. Support the cause, be part of the campaign and contribute to the empowerment of African
( ALKEBULAN )identity

Awaken Truth: Jogbevy's Alkebulan Anthem

Dive into ‘The Alkebulan Awakening Story’ with Jogbevy’s latest song – a truth-packed melody that resonates with the essence of our heritage. Listen now for a fresh perspective and let the music unveil the untold tales.



Discover Hip-Hop's New Age with Jogbevy's Powerful Lyrics

Join Jogbevy on a hip-hop adventure like never before! Imagine words that dance and flow, as Jogbevy brings a fresh breeze to the genre. His songs are like stories, with beats that make you move and lyrics that make you feel. Jogbevy's not just rapping – he's telling tales with power and freedom. Feel the simple joy of beats mixing with space sounds and catchy tunes. Jogbevy's music is like a new language for hip-hop, where words are set free. Get ready for a hip-hop revolution led by Jogbevy and his lyrics that soar high. It's not just music; it's a whole new vibe!

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Jogbevy's New Release

Experience hip-hop's evolution with Jogbevy's latest. Unleashing powerful beats and empowering lyrics, it's a sonic breakthrough that redefines the genre. Listen now and become part of jogbevy's journey

Latest Tracks

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination.

Alkebulan Apparel:

Celebrate Culture, Wear Heritage

Explore the essence of identity through Jogbevy’s exclusive clothing line, Alkebulan Apparel. Step into a world of unique, culturally-inspired fashion that proudly reflects the spirit of Alkebulan. Each piece is more than clothing; it’s a statement, an expression of heritage, and a celebration of your roots. Embrace the extraordinary – wear Alkebulan, wear your story.

Son of Black Hunter Long Sleeve Polyester Shirt

Jogbevy's 'Son of Black Hunter' shirt: a blend of warrior spirit and spirituality, honoring Africa's resilience. Crafted from quality polyester, it's a statement of heritage. Embrace the legacy, celebrate strength, and spirituality

Unleash the Legend: 'Lie Lie' Tee - Where Music Meets Fashion

Dive into a world where music and fashion collide with our 'Lie Lie' Tee. Immerse yourself in legendary vibes, embrace unique style. This shirt isn't just clothing; it's a statement, a rhythm, a legend you wear

JUMP: A Leap into Alkebulan Heritage Long Sleeve Polyester Shirt

Leap into Alkebulan's heritage with Jogbevy's 'JUMP' shirt. Beyond clothing, it embodies warrior spirit and African spirituality. Crafted from premium polyester, it symbolizes cultural pride

The 'Eyes Who Saw Dreams' Long Sleeve – A Tribute to Jogbevy's Debut Album

Embark on a journey through sound and style with our exclusive 'Eyes Who Saw Dreams' Long Sleeve Shirt. This wearable masterpiece pays homage to Jogbevy's inaugural album, encapsulating the essence of dreams and melodies in every stitch.

Jogbevy Journals:

Unveiling Alkebulan's Essence

Discover the heartbeat of historical moments that have shaped our continent and join us in honoring the diverse mosaic of African cultures. Our narrative goes beyond borders, appealing to a wide audience eager to explore and embrace the beauty of Africa's heritage. Join us in this dynamic experience where every post is an invitation to connect with the essence of Alkebulan's true identity

Jogbevy: Charting Spiritual Paths in Alkebulan Hiphop

Jogbevy pioneers Alkebulan Hiphop, infusing spirituality into beats and lyrics. Experience a journey that blends cultural roots with modern resonance, as his music becomes a rhythmic ritual and lyrical parable.

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Jogbevy: Soaring Above the Hip-Hop Horizon with Eagle-like Brilliance

jogbevy, the rising star in the hip-hop universe, distinguishes himself with a unique style and energy reminiscent of an eagle in flight. His exceptional approach to the genre sets him apart, capturing the essence of a flying spirit and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Here's why Jogbevy stands out among the crowd:

Majestic Presence
Lyrically empowered
Fearless Innovation
Collaborative Harmony

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